Basic Group Subscription Plan 15

About this product

Basic Group Subscription Plan for 15 students!  That’s only $100 per student!  Includes free access to all core courses for your students.



Benefit your Community Health Center or Organization by purchasing a Basic Group Subscription Plan.

This Basic Group Subscription Plan can save thousands of dollars in fees and related expenses when providing the needed and required FQHC training for your board members and staff.  After acknowledgement of this paid subscription has been received, the FQHC Academy will email the contact administrator provided with payment, unique ID Coupon Codes for each course to be distributed for up to 15 board members and selected staff.

Each group member should register and create their own student profile at the FQHC Academy website.  The student can then take a course(s) and apply their 100% Discount Code at checkout.

The course will be paid in full and free for the student applying their code.