Apply Coupon Codes

How to Register

You must be a registered user in order to take a course. If you have not yet registered on the site. Follow these simple steps to register and create your Profile Account Page.

  • In the top right corner of the webpage Select > Login
  • A window will open that allows you to Register, Retrieve a Lost Password or Login.
  • Register and Create your Account and be sure to stayed logged in.

Select a Course and Apply your Coupon Code

  • After you have created your account visit the Courses Page
  • Select > View Course
  • Select > Take this Course
  • You will be taken to the product page. Select > Buy Now
  • Enter your billing information for future reference if needed
  • You will see the retail price of the product listed. This will change to reflect the discount after you have applied your coupon code
  • Select > Click Here to Enter Your Code
  • Enter your Coupon Code
  • Select > Apply
  • The discount will be applied to the list price of the product.
  • At the Bottom Right of the Screen check the Terms and Conditions Box
  • Then Select > Place Order
  • After your order is complete. Access your course from the PROFILE menu in the menu bar at top of homepage.
  • You can also return to the View Courses page and the Course you selected will now show that you are enrolled
  • Select > View Course and it will open for you to begin your study.


If you leave the site and return later. You can always find your enrolled courses listed in your profile page. Your Profile Page can be found in the top right corner of the Website under the Login button. Each time you login your profile page will be available for access with a list of your course(s).

You can also return to a course by visiting the View Courses Page and those courses that you have taken will show enrolled and you can access the course from there as well.