The FQHC Academy Experience

 Quality Training | Convenience | Certification

Our Mission

To provide quality training and education for FQHC Board Members, Administration, and Staff in a format that is both convenient and  economical while providing measurable results.

Group Discounts

Health Centers and organizations may purchase discounted group subscription plans that provide training for their desired number of board members and staff. The individual cost for a course is nominal compared to other training but the group discounts provide an even greater value!

Best Practice

The FQHC Academy is a HRSA-OSV recognized Best Practice! Our courses are easy-to-understand, thorough, and up-to-date, providing quality training for board members and administrative staff.


A Certificate of Training is awarded after the successful completion of each course. Certification shows proof of accomplishment, increases confidence, and empowers board members and employees with better decision-making skills in their job responsibilities.


Unlike other forms of training that are expensive, require long-distance travel and at inconvenient times, our students can receive training anytime and anywhere there is an Internet connection. Study at your own pace and on your schedule!

What is the FQHC Academy?

The FQHC Academy is an online site dedicated to providing quality training, information and educational resources primarily for board members and staff involved with Federally Qualified Community Health Centers.

What makes the FQHC Academy different that other types of board training??

There are many great sites and lots of information available online that provide information. However, the FQHC Academy provides simplified online training courses in a convenient, easy to understand format. Students can access the FQHC Academy courses any time and any where there is an Internet connection. This allows the student to study at their own pace and on their schedule!

Is there a time limit for completing a course(s)?

After registration and sign up for a course, the student will have an entire year to complete their training. When an organization purchases a group subscription plan, the same yearly schedule applies to all core courses and the student has the full year to complete any and all courses available under the group plan.

Why do you have quizzes and a final exam?

The best way to learn is through repetition and reinforcement. The short quizzes are beneficial for mastering content in lessons just covered. The final exam is a repeat of the quizzes. There will never be any "trick or gotcha" questions. The courses are designed for learning and reinforcing what you learn!

Who can take the FQHC Academy training courses?

Anyone who is interested in knowing more about Community Health Centers and the processes that are involved in providing quality healthcare to their communities.

When do I receive my Certificate of Training?

After the successful completion of a course, a Certificate of Training is generated and placed in the students Account Profile section ready for immediate viewing and printing. In addition, the FQHC Academy will mail an attractive foil embossed Training Certificate to the organization's administrator for presentation to the student to publicly acknowledge their accomplishment.

Ready for training?