It is a good practice to schedule your board meetings throughout the year on the same day of a designated week each month. (hint: you are required to meet once a month)

It may come as a surprise to learn that many Community Health Center Board's wait until their monthly meeting to schedule next month's meeting!

The benefit of picking a consistent time each month is to allow everyone the luxury of planning ahead.  Knowing when the board meets for the entire year will reduce conflicts in scheduling.  It also saves time at board meetings because there is no need for that lengthy discussion of "when do you want to meet next again."  A consistent time each month will increase board member attendance and participation.

An example might be to meet on a Tuesday evening at 6:00 PM the third week of each month.  This allows the Chief Financial Officer and Board Treasurer time to prepare the financial report from the previous month.  And in case the board cannot meet due to unforeseen circumstances, you still have the remainder of that week and the next week to reschedule.