It will happen.

Someone, somewhere, at sometime, will have a complaint, issue or favor to ask a board member that involves the Health Center in some way.

Always remember it is not the responsibility of any board member to solve these requests. 

Use the following "non-involvement answer" to remove yourself from the situation and direct it to the proper Health Center authority who can best solve the problem.

Board Member Non-Involvement Disclaimer

Yes, I do serve on the board of (Your Community Health Center).  And thank you for making me aware of your concern/issue.

Our board works very hard to make sure the Health Center has all of the resources that are needed to provide the bery best healthcare for your community.

Thankfully, we have BOARD APPROVED policies and procedures in place to address any concerns/issues that might arise from time to time.

I would recommend contacting ________________________ and they will be the best qualified person to help/assist you.