Let's face it.  Board members are sometimes tempted to manage the affairs the Health Center. 

Caution:  It is the responsibility of the Board to "govern" and not to manage.

By following these Five Golden Rules your Board and Health Center will be on fertile ground, free jsw fiverulestabletfrom grief, lawsuits, and unnecessary burdens.

  • Fully understand the board's position on imprtant issues so that you are able to explain and support that position
  • You speak for yourself - not for the full board, unless you have been authorized to do so
  • Make no promises.  You have no power as an individual; therefore, you cannot promise that the board will take a specific action on an issue.
  • Know the Board's policy about communicating with the media.
  • Listen to what the community has to say and be sure to channel any complaints or compliments through the Board to the CEO - do not deal directly with staff or consumers!